Scott E. McDowell

Author, Ph.D., Oceanographer,
100-Ton Merchant Mariner's Licensed Vessel Captain – USCG

The Complete Guide for Marina Selection, Storm Awareness and Living Comfortably Aboard Your Yacht identifies marina issues to consider before signing your next Marina Tenant Agreement.

Written for new boaters, experienced Captains/crew and those selecting a home port for their live-aboard retirement, everyone can learn new jargon, the science of ocean storms and boating tips from this quick read. For the computer savvy boater, websites are given for the best weather and storm forecasts, as well as tides.  A ‘must read’ for the broad boating community.

Dr. McDowell is a retired Physical Oceanographer living aboard his 60-ft motor yacht, Someday Is Now, in the Florida Keys. Cruising and fishing are strong interests but writing novels is now his number one priority. In the non-fiction genre, he recently published a Practical Guide for boaters, addressing all aspects of Marinas – a ‘must read’ for the cruising community. Capitalizing on his sea-going oceanographic experience, he has written a new fiction novel, Deep Vorticity, published in August 2015 on

Deep Vorticity
A fictional thriller combining undersea espionage with fascinating details of eddies that exist in the deep North Atlantic and few people know about.  As a sea-going Ocean Physicist, Scott McDowell describes a 60-mile wide Meddy which swirls like a Frisbee one mile below the ocean surface.  Intrigue, suspense and Oceanography are interwoven within this gripping contemporary novel.

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Winner of the
President’s Book Award
Florida Authors and Publishers Association


“Sea Knowledge”

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