Scott E. McDowell

Ph.D. – Ocean Physics

100-Ton Merchant Mariner's Licensed Vessel Captain – U.S. Coast Guard

Oceanographic Research Dr. McDowell is a physical oceanographer with extensive experience in the analysis of currents, tides, waves and water quality characteristics in coastal and deep-ocean environments. Over his 30-year career he designed, implemented and managed multidisciplinary monitoring programs, with examples given below: • Mapped seafloor topography and geology of the Vema Channel in the western South Atlantic Ocean with water depths over 20,000 ft. Complex acoustic systems were used for vessel navigation well before GPS technology. • Participated in research of active seafloor volcanoes for two months at 63 degrees South latitude in the Antarctic Ocean. Encountered 40-ft seas and 80 knot sustained winds. • Made the first-ever discovery of a 60-mile-wide ocean eddy (Meddy) one mile below the surface in the western North Atlantic ocean, which spawned research over the next two decades on mid-ocean eddies. [McDowell, S.E. and Rossby, H.T. 1978. Science, Vol. 202. No. 4372. pp. 1085-1087] • Collaborated in a five-year, multi-national oceanographic measurement program of currents and dynamics of the entire western North Atlantic Ocean. Was Principal Investigator for determining the geographic origin of dozens of mid-ocean eddies that were discovered during field measurements. [McDowell, S.E. 1986. J. Physical Oceanography, Vol. 16. Issue 3. pp. 632-652] • Managed a two-year field measurement program to assess currents, tides, water depths and meteorology in the vast Yukon River in northwest Alaska. The 100-mile-wide delta was very remote and previously uncharted. • Conducted current measurements in the Gulf of Thailand beneath gas production platforms owned by a U.S. petroleum company, for the purpose of understanding strong, unpredictable forces on their vertical drilling equipment. His project experience includes oceanographic studies on both the East and West Coasts of the United States, the Gulf of Mexico, the Caribbean, the Bering Sea of Alaska, the Mediterranean, in the South Atlantic and Antarctic Oceans and in Southeast Asia. Present Interests Dr. McDowell is a retired Ocean Physicist living in Miami, FL and has enjoyed cruising in the Florida Keys and The Bahamas on his 60-ft motor yacht, Someday Is Now. Fishing and boating are strong interests but writing novels is now his number one priority.

Scott using new instrumentation in Boston Harbor

Professional Experience in the Oceanographic Industry Dr. McDowell was initially employed by the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) to participate as scientific crew on a 7-month geophysical investigation in the South Atlantic to assess the Mid-Atlantic Ridge and the volcanic seafloor of the Antarctic Ocean. Soon after he conducted oceanographic measurements aboard a Navy vessel during a seafloor study in the Caribbean while Dr. Robert Ballard (Titanic discoverer) conducted simultaneous measurements within a research submarine operated by the U.S. Navy. During his three-year period at WHOI, Dr. McDowell participated in numerous deep-ocean studies and was co-author on research papers published in Oceanographic Journals. Proudly he participated in over 300 days of mid-ocean research during one fifteen-month period. Employed by private industry for the next twenty seven years, Dr. McDowell conducted complex oceanographic measurement programs for state and federal agencies as well as commercial clients, worldwide. During his final years of employment, Dr. McDowell managed a Marine Sciences and Environmental Planning Division with 120 staff located in 7 offices nationwide. Forty staff had M.S. and Ph.D. degrees, exemplifying the high caliber of the organization he led, with annual revenues of $23M from professional services. His responsibilities included technical and financial management, strategic planning, business development and recruiting but oceanographic work was always his key interest.


Young Scott with giant bluefin tuna

Vessel and Boating Experience • Grew up on Cape Cod and started fishing at age 6 • Worked aboard fishing boats during summer of teen years • Summer employment during college - Mate and giant bluefin tuna Guide aboard sport-fishing boat (all tuna caught were between 425 and 700 pounds) • Oceanographic research on numerous vessels in all oceans for 30-yr career. Chartered dozens of vessels between 40- and 110-ft • Cruised coastal California and lived aboard his 46-ft vessel • 100-Ton Merchant Mariner's Captain's license.

Marinas book signing - Key West - July 2015

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