Yacht Buyer’s Consultant

Expert Guidance for new Yacht Owners w Sea Trials and Survey guidance w Vessel outfitting Electronics, safety, audio-visual, Internet technology, lightning suppression w USCG Vessel Documentation and State Registration guidance w Vessel Insurance assistance and Hurricane Plans w Captain and Crew recruiting and vetting w Marina evaluation and negotiations for optimum slip Authored Marina Guidebook w Live-aboard guidance 9-yrs experience living aboard, in California and Florida w Oceanographic training Authored Sea Knowledge book and conducted ocean research worldwide

Serving Fort Lauderdale, Miami and the entire Coast of Florida

Hourly services & readily available

2021 References available from active clients


Scott E. McDowell

100-T Master license        Ph.D. Ocean Physicist        Author of 6 published books

www.scottemcdowell.com       scott_e_mcdowell@yahoo.com       805-320-0848