Scott E. McDowell

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Kyle Bendroth, a retired Ocean Physicist who lives on Ballyhoo Cay enjoys tutoring a group of inquisitive boys about oceanography and deep swirling eddies like the 60-mile wide “Meddy” he discovered in 1976. He also befriends attractive Amy, mother of CJ, who openly discusses her plans to divorce her arrogant husband Charles, the stereotypical U.S. Navy Submarine Captain. When Amy and the boys return home to resume life with their father, conflict arises when the boys convey their knowledge about Meddies but their excitement is instantly squashed by their disinterested, condescending father.

Based upon assembled fragments of information that Charles has obtained from his sons, the U.S. Navy initiates Operation Deep Vorticity to search and destroy the North Korean subsea threat. Kyle scoffs at Charles, leader of the Operation, who attempts to locate the Super Meddy despite his lack of oceanographic knowledge. Rather than share details of the Korean mission with his father, CJ and Kyle devise a plan to foil the Navy via dissemination of key information via social media. Charles discovers his most formidable opponents are close to home.


  Submarine Missile Platform Hidden in a real Deep-Sea Eddy

  High Concept Plot Based on a True Scientific Discovery

  Contemporary WikiLeaks Cyber Theme

  Oceanographic Features Explained for the Lay Person

  Suspense and Marine Education in a Single Read


While vacationing on a small Bahamian island, a teen boy from Annapolis discovers hundreds of small buoyant labels hand-printed with Asian characters. Via an exhaustive on-line investigation, young CJ determines the message is a Mayday plea from a Korean submariner trapped in the deep with no means of escape. Further investigation reveals an ingenious plan for the undersea missile station to hide within an ocean eddy and remain undetected by U.S. sonar technologies.