Scott E. McDowell

 The Biography of Dickie Buck:

  What could and couldn’t be told


 Unforgettable - Daredevil - Bad Boy -

Robin Hood - Family Man
A Life – A Legend


Plus memories from the village’s cherished years:

33 Landmarks of the Village from the ‘40s to ‘60s

12 Notorious Characters


The small town of Dennis on Cape Cod is famous for many things, as well as home of the Living Legend – Dickie Buck. From a young age, he was a scrapper and daredevil but always worked hard and respected others. In his middle years, he transformed into the Robin Hood of the North Side village, helping dozens in need. Some locals view him as Peter Pan, never wanting to grow up and always demonstrating the stamina of a young man. He has also raised a family within a marriage of fifty-five years. An extraordinary man who is never to be forgotten in Dennis.

Interview with Scott & Dickie

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