Scott E. McDowell

Winner of the
President’s Book Award
Florida Authors and Publishers Association

Five-decade boater and career Oceanographer, Scott addresses all aspects of marina life in his comprehensive guidebook on ‘How to’ select the optimum marina for dockage of your vessel. Written in a conversational style, he educates via real examples and photos with a bit of humor and sea salt sprinkled in.  This book helps prioritize your needs as you carefully evaluate each marina’s facilities and amenities.

Practical tips addressed

• How to interact with marina management personnel - Essential

• Selecting the best type of slip for easy docking

• Evaluating all the amenities of a marina - gaps?

• Storm surge, tides, tsunamis and lightning

• Safety tips and electrical shock drowning

• Knowing your Marina Tenant Agreement

• Understanding your vessel insurance policy - and traps

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288 pages with 100 photos and extensive Glossary

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Intended Readers

Whether you own a small sloop, a high-powered sportfishing boat, a live-aboard trawler or a mega-yacht, this book identifies marina issues to consider before signing your next Marina Tenant Agreement. Written for new boaters, experienced Captains/crew and those selecting a home port for their live-aboard retirement, everyone can learn new jargon, the science of ocean storms and boating tips from this quick read. For the computer savvy boater, websites are given for the best weather and storm forecasts, as well as tides. A ‘must read’ for the broad boating community.


Review by Neil Ross, Marina Expert

MARINAS is for you, the boat owner...  First time and skilled boaters will find many useful tips and information in this easy to read reference book...  based on his boating experiences while visiting and living aboard at many marinas around the United States.


The author teaches many things about marinas, social to legal, including a layman’s guide to the all-important natural and physical forces that can affect any boat’s safety, comfort, and use.  As he states, each marina is unique in its management style, site, services, and customer mix...

What was fun for me while reading this interesting book was being able to visualize all the good and bad examples described to actual marinas I’ve visited.


I highly recommend MARINAS, The Complete Guide for Marina Selection, Storm Awareness and Living Comfortably Aboard Your Yacht for any serious cruising boater or one seeking a new long-term place to berth your boat.”


Neil Ross has professionally visited nearly 1,000 marinas in 16 nations and 42 states/territories giving him a wide view of world marinas. He is widely recognized as the founding leader of the International Marina Institute... co-author of US EPA’s National Marina & Boating Environmental Guidelines, international trainer to thousands of marina industry leaders, author of hundreds of marina related documents and currently writing monthly marina history articles for the trade magazine Marina Dock Age.


Table of Contents

Introduction and Boater Statistics

Interaction with Marina Management

Marina and Pier Characteristics

Marina Essentials


Marina Facilities – Important Issues

Other Marina Considerations

Vessel Considerations and Services

The Sea Around Us


Health & Safety

Scheduling and Rates

Marina Tenant Agreements

Buying and Selling a Yacht

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